Marmore Falls & Vico Lake


The Tour starts at Roma Urbe Airport where an experienced Helicopter Pilot will do a fast breafing of you daytime. After that, starts you flight until Marmore falls, "bring the camera, you will have some amazing picture from high to do!!". There will be wating you a professional tour guide that show you aroud. In the afternoon we come back to Urbe Airport.



  • Part 1°: Marmore Falls

The route starts near the park of the Marmore Falls among the suggestive trails of the naturalistic area, we reach up to the Upper Outlook and see the spectacle of the Falls from the ancient observation point of the “Specola” .
  • part 2°: Piediluco

The visit continues then to the Piediluco lake where it is possible to do a boat of the lake*, the tour includes also the characteristic medioeval village of the lake with the visiting of the church of St.Francis dated back to the XIV century and of Santa Maria del Colle XIII century.
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